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Plays 2 Softcops renders the philosophy of Foucault as a music hall turn and Victorian freakshow theatre and history combine to give such intelligent fun The London StandardTop Girls brings five great and less than great women from history together for a dinner party and has a combination of directness and complexity which keeps you both emotionally and intellectually aler New Download Books Plays 2 by Caryl Churchill –

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  1. I wish I could see these performed, probably much easier to follow.

  2. SOFTCOPS 2 5TOP GIRLS 5 5 I LOVED THIS PLAY SO MUCH, IT S AMAZING FEN 4 5SERIOUS MONEY 2.5 5 Really slow and boring for the first half, some redeeming moments here and there in the humour It gets much better towards the end.

  3. Only read Top Girls and Fen Was a bit disappointed in Top Girls Act I was reminiscent of A Voice of My Own by Elinor Jones That first Act also didn t seem to flow well into the structure of the rest of...

  4. I read a review of Top Girls which suggested that this feminist gem was politically dated, but I disagree Women making it in a man s world in a manly way is still an issue Hillary s pant suits and a problem Churchill is arguing for a new ideal of feminism, and I am with her.

  5. These were so clever , my favourites were top girl and fen I did like serious money though as it was so fun to read with all the rhyme, really cleverly written would love to see some of these done live

  6. Just Serious Money

  7. I wasn t into Serious Money, but Softcops, Top Girls, and Fen are all genius.

  8. Softcops fantastic, Top Girls fantastic, Fen and Serious Money somewhat dated but admirable

  9. all of these ROck.Easy reads